New York Tech Meetup kicks off public policy initiative #NYTMvote #nyc

New York Tech MeetupThe New York Tech Meetup has today launched NYTMvote – a new public policy development initiative to improve NYC’s tech environment. The program includes a forum where members can suggest, comment, or vote on policies. The hashtag is #NYTMvote. Initial policy suggestions (you know that ISOC-NY likes #1!) are:

  • Tech Policy Goal #1: Make New York City the most wired city on earth by providing every New Yorker and every New York business regardless of location access to the fastest broadband networks at the lowest cost.
  • Tech Policy Goal #2: Reinvent the education system to allow every child, young adult, and all New Yorkers to develop the skills necessary to thrive in a 21st century economy.
  • Tech Policy Goal #3: Make New York City the clear choice for entrepreneurs, software engineers, and other technically skilled professionals to start a business and build a career by making it easy to find partners, financing, office space and housing, employees, and access to markets.
  • Tech Policy Goal #4: Support the appointment of a Deputy Mayor for Technology Innovation with an appropriate budget charged with the responsibility of reinventing New York City government with a 21st century framework.
  • Tech Policy Goal #4: Make New York City’s system for civic participation the most open, transparent, accountable, participatory, and innovative in the world.
  • Tech Policy Goal #6: Make New York City the most citizen-connected community on earth, where its people connect with each other to unleash a powerful 21st century economy: selling to each other, renting to each other, funding each other, sharing with each other, coworking with each other, meeting up with each other, and hiring each other.
  • Tech Policy Goal #7: Support public policies that would ensure that technology and the opportunities available to the tech community can reach all New York’s citizens, and help solve issues related to healthcare, human rights and justice, gender equality, transportation, the environment, and other issues of fundamental importance to all New Yorkers.