WEBCAST LIVE NOW – F2C:Freedom to Connect 2013 #f2c #netfreedom #broadband

Freedom to Connect - F2CThe Freedom to Connect conference is underway, March 4-5 2013, at the AFI Theater in Silver Springs, Maryland. F2C: Freedom to Connect brings under-represented people and issues into the Washington, DC based federal policy discussion to promote Internet freedom, to preserve Internet values such as public protocols and universal connectivity, and to promote the use of the Internet for people-oriented purposes. The conference will be webcast live by the Internet Society’s North American Bureau. The webcast is free. To participate in the online backchannel is $24.99. No live captions.

What: Freedom to Connect 2013
When: March 4-5 2013 9am-5pm | 1400-2200 UTC
Where: Silver Spring, MD
Agenda: http://freedom-to-connect.net/agenda.html
Webcast: http://new.livestream.com/internetsociety/f2c
Register: (backchannel) http://f2c.eventbrite.com/
Twitter: #f2c