REPORT: CEPT meeting on WCIT & WTSA (22-25 May 2012) @InternetSociety #WCIT #WTSA

Internet SocietyThe Internet Society (ISOC) participated in the CEPT Com-ITU meeting in Copenhagen on 22-25 May 2012. The CEPT is coordinating the european regional preparations for the 2012 World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) as well as the World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA).

The objective of this meeting was to prepare the CEPT submission to the next ITU Council Working Group on WCIT and to move forward with European Common Proposals (ECPs) for WCIT and WTSA.

Please find at the following link a report of the ISOC team’s observations at the meeting: CEPT ComITU May2012 report

The Internet Society, RIPE NCC and ICANN made a joint submission to this meeting regarding Calling Line Identification proposals for the ITRs, which resulted in a revised European Common Proposal explicitly ruling out IP addresses from the scope of the article. The CEPT also took on board a suggestion made by ISOC on cybersecurity, which resulted in the inclusion of the notion that the ITU should cooperate with all relevant stakeholders on cybersecurity frameworks and issues (revised WTSA Resolution 50).

The next CEPT preparatory meeting is scheduled for 10-14 September, and should be held in Copenhagen.