Video: Nov 2 NY Tech Meetup academic evening #nytm #hackny

ISOC-NY Vice President Evan Korth is a co-founder of hackNY. On November 2 2011 he hosted the NY Tech Meetup’s second annual academic evening. This event featured demos from individuals who are attending or teaching at academic institutions such as NYU, Columbia, Parsons, Rutgers, Syracuse University, Waterloo University, and MIT.

The presenters were:
BodyJam — How to solve your fashion crisis in seconds. Presenters: Otavio Braga and Davi Geiger.
Commons — A mobile game for civic activism. Presenter: Suzanne Kirkpatrick.
Grafighters — An online fighting game for hand drawn characters. Presenters: Eric Cleckner and Dave Chenell.
Codecademy — The easiest way to learn to code. Presenters: Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski.
Lewis Dots — Making and breaking chemical bonds with your fingers. Presenters: Jin Montclare, Carlo Yuvienco, Liz Zhao, and Ben Esner.
Hacker League — A platform for easily throwing hackathons and a way to connect hackers and participants. Presenters: Abe Stanway, Mike Swift, and Ian Jennings.
LoCreep — A suite of creep-mitigation tools, providing users with special phone numbers that may be handed to undesirables in place of their own. Presenters: Andres Campanella, Misha Ponizil, and Rebeccah Zhou.
AdRunner — Dodge the ads… or face the consequences! Presenters: Joey Dong and Grant Kot.
MIDIphon — Interactive music for the masses. Presenters: Michael Bartnett and David Coss.
Bluefin Labs — A social TV analytics company providing solutions to brand advertisers, advertising agencies, and TV networks. Presenter: Deb Roy.

  • Upod — True automation of household appliances (research project from Rutgers University). Presenters: Michael Littman, Sameen Jalal, Phillip Quiza, and Pratik Ringsha.

Imaginary Marching Band — Open-source wearable instruments that make digital music through pantomime. Presenter: Scott Peterman.

  • The Upod demo prepared for the NY Tech Meetup failed due to radio interference. When they got home they recorded this video: