Webcast: Creating Participatory Learning Through Performance – Oct 15 2011 1pm EDT

Mobility Shifts Summit
ISOC-NY President David Solomonoff is always ready to explore innovative and interesting aspects of Internet activity. On Saturday he will be (in his own words, “in my first live performance since dinosaurs were killed by the giant comet”) providing musical accompaniment for an online improvisational performance workshop as part of the Mobilty Shifts Conference at NYC’s New School.

The workshop, Creating Participatory Learning Through Performance , organized by Josephine Dorado, will focus on improvisational performance as a framework for online collaboration and distributed learning, leveraging the affordances of shared virtual world space towards immediate collaboration, thereby creating richer online rapport and an optimal environment for participatory learning. Through task-based performance games inside a virtual world, the students in Josephine Dorado’s Collaboration in Networked Environments class at the New School will participate as performers and will connect with remote participants/performers, including a partnering Internet Society event in Philadelphia, weaving a theatrical performance together that encourages active listening and interaction, allowing participants to instantly connect and cooperate, regardless of geographical location or previous experience with digital media or performance. The performance will be followed by a Q&A in which the performative elements and their relation to online collaboration will be explained along with feedback from student participants. After that, the audience will have an opportunity to ‘embody’ an avatar and participate in an impromptu dance, thereby experiencing the immediacy and connection.

It is possible to attend in person, or via Second Life, and the event will be webcast via the Internet Society Chapters Webcasting Channel.

What: Creating Participatory Learning Through Performance
Where: Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, Orientation Room,2 West 13 Street, NYC
When: Saturday October 15 2010 1pm-3pm EDT| 1700-1900 UTC |
Webcast: http://www.livestream.com/internetsocietychapters
Hashtag: #mobilityshifts
Info/Register: http://mobilityshifts.org/workshops/josephine-dorado/