WEBCAST MAY 28-29 – 2nd Small Island Developing States Internet Governance Forum

ISOC LIVEOn Tuesday-Wednesday May 28-29 2024 the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) and the Dynamic Coalition of Small Island States in the Internet Economy (DC-SIDS) present the 2nd Small Island Developing States Internet Governance Forum (SIDS IGF). The event will have the theme ‘Leveraging Digital Governance for Resilient Prosperity in SIDS‘ and be held over a two-day period during the 4th International Conference on SIDS (SIDS4) in Antigua and Barbuda. Part One will be a virtual event held on May 28th and Part Two will be an in-person official Side Event of the SIDS4 Conference.
Building upon the foundational work of the inaugural SIDS IGF held virtually in 2022, this forum aims to further enhance the dialogue and cooperation among SIDS in the realm of Internet Governance (IG), Internet Policy, and the Digital Economy. By aligning with the current theme of the SIDS4 conference ‘Charting the Course Toward Resilient Prosperity‘, this event seeks to leverage the collective experiences and challenges of SIDS, to foster a more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable digital future for all. Partners include the Caribbean IGF, the Caribbean Youth IGF, the Trinidad and Tobago Multistakeholder Advisory Group (TTMAG), the Internet Society Barbados Chapter (ISOC BB), and the Internet Society Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Chapter (ISOC-SVG)


01 Opening Remarks
Nigel Cassimire – Deputy Secretary-General, CTU
02 National Strategies for Digital Inclusion
Esau LM Tupou – Director, CERT Tonga
03 The Role of ICTs in the Sustainable Development of SIDS
Mr. Ugo Blanco – UNDP
04 Global Digital Compact Update on the UN Process
Dr. Renata Dwan – Office of the UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Technology
05 The Global Digital Compact – A Detailed Analysis
Sorina Teleanu – Director of Knowledge, Diplo
06 Enhancing Digital Resilience for Environmental Sustainability
Dr. Arlene Laing – Caribbean Meteorological Organisation
Raj Mohabeer – Indian Ocean Commission
Russel Woruba – DICT, Papua New Guinea
Pua Hunter – GFCE Pacific Hub
Moderator: Tracy Hackshaw, DC-SIDS
07 Digital Inclusion for Prosperity
Tereza Horejsova – GFCE Geneva
Mahendranath Busgopaul – Halley Movement Coalition, Mauritius
Sarai Tevita, National University of Samoa
Cherie Lagakali, Netsafe NZ
Moderator: Maureen Hilyard
08 Closing Remarks and Next Steps
Rodney Taylor – Secretary-General, CTU


09 Welcome Remarks
Rodney Taylor – Secretary General, CTU
10 Opening Remarks
Hon. Melford Nicholas – Minister of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs), Utilities and Energy, Antigua and Barbuda
11 Whole-of-Society Approach to Digital Transformation and Sustainable Digital Solutions
Dr. Reyson Lizardo – Director, Government and Public Administration, Dominican Republic
12 Identifying Vulnerabilities and Assessing Risks to Enhance Digital Resilience and Meet the SDGs in SIDS
Limya Eltayeb – Resident Representative of UNDP Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean
13 The Role of AI and 4IR Digital Technologies in Building Resilient SIDS
Dr. Curtis Charles
14 Panel Discussion: SIDS in Global Digital Governance
Cleveland Thomas, ITU
Albert Daniels, ICANN
Andy E Williams, DC-SIDS
Vashti Maharaj, Adviser- Digital Trade Policy, The Commonwealth Secretariat
Moderator: Nia Nanan, CTU
15 Outcomes and Next Steps
Nigel Cassimire – Deputy Secretary-General, CTU

LIVESTREAM https://livestream.com/internetsociety/sidsigf2024

REAL TIME TEXTPART 1 – https://bit.ly/3V2kM3L | PART 2 https://bit.ly/3wW0PDy

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