WEBCAST MAR 15 – A11yVR – Building Accessibility into Social Virtual Reality Experiences – Thomas Logan

ISOC LIVEOn Friday March 15, 2023 at 10:00 EDT / 14:00 UTC / 23:00 JST the Accessibility VR Meetup hosts ‘Building Accessibility into Social Virtual Reality Experiences‘. Presenter Thomas Logan of Equal Entry will cover how accessible and customizable virtual spaces can enhance community engagement, the role of accessibility features in fostering an inclusive environment, and the challenges to overcome in creating engaging VR spaces.

The session will be presented in the Edstutia environment and webcast live via a partnership with the Internet Society New York Chapter Accessibility SIG (A11ySIG).

LIVESTREAM https://livestream.com/internetsociety/a11yvr33

YOUTUBE LIVEhttps://youtu.be/_auKGzbxDDM

YOUTUBE EDIT https://youtu.be/bZXVm5eL8lo

TRANSCRIPT https://archive.org/download/a11yvr33/a11yvr33_TRANSCRIPT.pdf

TWITTER: #Accessibility #VirtualReality @a11yvr @TechThomas @edstutia #a11y #AR #XR #VR @IAAPOrg 

ARCHIVE https://archive.org/details/a11yvr33