CATCHUP WEBCAST – Next Century Cities – Digital Equity Planning: Past, Present, and Future – Jan 23

isoc.liveOn Tuesday January 23 2024, Next Century Cities hosted a webinar ‘Digital Equity Planning: Past, Present, and Future‘. Tribes, states, and territories across the US are developing digital equity plans with funding from the $60 million Digital Equity Planning Grant Program. Nearly every state has released their plan for comment and many have completed the public feedback process. National Broadband Resource Hub experts highlighted key takeaways from state digital equity plans, strategies for successful coalition-building, and how local leaders can prepare for forthcoming Digital Equity Capacity Building and Competitive Grant Programs.

Today, Friday January 26 2024, at 10:00 EST (15:00 UTC), an edited and captioned version of the webinar will be webcast by the Internet Society US Washington DC Chapter.

Grace Tepper, Senior Writing Associate, Benton Institute for Broadband & Society
Amy Huffman, Public Policy Director, NDIA
Brian Donoghue, City of Boston
Leah Mims, Broadband Grants Coordinator, Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development

Andy Stutzman, Brittany-Rae Gregory, Ryan Johnston, Corian Zacher, and Stacey Baxter

LIVESTREAM (captioned)


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