WEBCAST DEC 6 – Afghanistan Internet Governance Forum (IGFA) 2023

ISOC LIVEOn Wednesday 6 December, 2023 the Afghanistan Internet Governance Forum (IGFA 2023) will be convened in Kabul. IGFA 2023 includes YouthIGFA and AFNOG, and is held in conjunction with AFSIG 2023. The events are organized by Internet Society Afghanistan and are supported by APNIC Foundation, APNIC, ICANN, IGF Support Association and the UN Secretariat for Internet Governance Forum.

AGENDA https://bit.ly/3R53nFz

9:30 / 05:00 Main Session on Afghanistan Youth IGF
Saba Tiku, Founder,Youth IGF Ethiopia
Anja Gengo, IGF Secretariat
Adli Wahid, Senior Internet Security Specialist, APNIC
Omar Ansari, APNIC Foundation
Mohibullah Utmankhil, AFNOG
Phyo Thiri Wlin, Myanmar yIGF / APAC yIGF
Moderator: Sajia Yarmal, Youth IGFA 2023 Coordinator
11:00 / 05:30 WS1: Future of Internet, Connecting the Unconnected
Wolfgang Kleinwächter, Professor Emeritus at the University of Aarhus
Terry Sweetser, Training Delivery Manager (South Asia and Oceania), APNIC
Ahmad Fahim Didar, Executive Director, Aghaez Professional Services
Wais Payab, Project Approval and Oversight Manager, CDT
Moderator: Lima Madomi, IGFA 2023 Organizing Committee
13:15 / 07:45 Opening Ceremony IGFA2023, YIGFA2023, AFNOG1
Ghayoor Bawary, IGFA 2023 Coordinator/ Chair, Internet Society Afghanistan
Paul Willson, Director General, Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC)
Chengetai Masango, Head of United Nations Secretariat for the Internet Governance Forum
Baher Esmat, Regional Vice President for stakeholder engagement in the Middle East at ICANN
René Fichtmüller, Chairman, Global Network Operators Group (NOG) Alliance
Nazir Bunyad, National ISP Association of Afghanistan
14:00 / 09:30 AFNOG1 WS2 – Network Management and Operations
Sherafzal Yousifzai, Network Engineer, APNIC
Dave Phelan, Senior Network Analyst/Technical Trainer, APNIC
Sunny Chendi, Senior Advisor Policy / Community Development/South Asia Liaison Officer, APNIC
Moderator: Mirwais Khan, Network Engineer, AWCC
15:15 / 10:45 AFNOG1 WS3: Internet and Network Security
Ajmal Amiri, Network Security Specialist, Afghan Telecom
Farkhonda Mohsini, Cybersecurity Analyst
Moderator: Abdul Azim Rahimee, AFNOG Committee member
16:30 / 12:00 Closing Ceremony (IGFA2023, YIGFA2023, AFNOG1)
Amrita Choudhury, Chair, IGF Support Association
Omar Ansari, APNIC Foundation
Ghayoor Bawary, Chair Internet Society Afghanistan
Moderator: Mohibullah Utmankhil, IGFA 2023 Organizing Committee

LIVESTREAM https://livestream.com/internetsociety/igfa2023


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