WEBCAST SEP 6 – Broadband Freedom Of Choice – Virtual Town Hall

isoc liveOn Wednesday September 6 2023 at 16:00-18:00 EDT (20:00-22:00 UTC) Wired Broadband, Inc. presents a virtual town hall ‘Broadband Freedom Of Choice‘. Wired Broadband, Inc. is a New York City non-profit, founded in 2020, focusing on safe technology for the public.

Gigi Sohn, Executive Dir., American Assoc. of Public Broadband
Kimberly McKinley, Chief Marketing Officer, Utopia Fiber
Timothy Schoechle, Ph.D, Consultant in Computer and Communications Engineering & Policy

Odette Wilkens, Co-Founder, President & General Counsel, Wired Broadband, Inc.

The event will be simulcast live via a partnership with the Internet Society US New York Chapter (ISOC-NY).

LIVESTREAM http://livestream.com/internetsociety2/broadbandfreedom

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