WEBCAST MAR 19: ISOC Mumbai Women in Technology Leadership Webinar 6- The future of Well-being – Role of the Internet

iOn Sunday 19 March 2023 at 10:00 IST (04:30 UTC) the the Internet Society India Mumbai Chapter hosts a Women in Technology Leadership webinarThe future of Well-being – Role of the Internet. Women in Technology leadership is an initiative by ISOC India Mumbai Chapter to celebrate and learn from women who have broken the glass ceiling and attained leadership positions in Internet-based tech enterprises.

In this sixth episode of the series, Dr Ananya Choudhury will provide her insights on different facets of wellness and how Internet and technology are impacting them, and Pooja Sharma, founder of a wellness platform for the youth and lonely, Dostify, will share her perspectives on how technology especially apps are proving to be a bane as well as a boon for individual well-being.

Dr Ananya Choudhury, consultant psychiatrist
Pooja Sharma, Investment Analyst, India Accelerator

Prateek Pathak
Nandita Koshal

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