WEBCAST FEB 7 – A11yNYC – Opportunities and Challenges of AI for Accessibility – Cynthia Bennett and Shari Trewin

ISOC LIVEOn Tuesday February 7 2023 at 7:30pm-8:30pm EST (00:30-01:30 UTC Feb 8) the Accessibility NYC Meetup (A11yNYC) hosts a meetup ‘Opportunities and Challenges of AI for Accessibility‘.

Artificial intelligence (AI) techniques have the power to change the experience of living with a disability. For example, image analysis can generate descriptions of places and images a person can’t see, and speech recognition helps many people to communicate, learn, or control their environment.

However, bias embedded into AI systems, when unchecked, can cause harm, often to people already excluded from technology development processes. For example, when someone’s voice is not recognized, they cannot take advantage of the accessibility provided by speech recognition systems like smart speakers and dictation software.

In this talk, Drs. Cynthia Bennett and Shari Trewin will go over contemporary concerns at the intersection of AI bias, accessibility, and disability, and share recent research and industry efforts toward inclusive innovation with AI.

The meetup will be webcast live via a partnership with the Internet Society New York Accessibility SIG

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