AUDIO: Light Reading The Divide podcast: Internet Society’s Dan York on the state of LEO satellite broadband

The December 13 2022 episode of the Light Reading ‘ Divide’ podcast featured Dan York, director of online content at the Internet Society, who joined the show to discuss the details of a new report called Perspectives on LEO Satellites. The program dives into the state of low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellite broadband today, where LEOs are best positioned to solve connectivity issues, emerging challenges around capacity and affordability, what to expect as Amazon’s Project Kuiper goes live – and more.

Here are just a few topics discussed:
Using LEOs vs. medium-Earth orbit (MEO) and geostationary orbit (GEO) satellites for Internet connectivity (1:55)
Best use cases for satellite broadband so far (4:55)
Whether government funding should be used on satellite broadband (11:24)
What to draw from Starlink’s capacity challenges this year (16:12)
Security and privacy issues facing the LEO satellite industry (18:35)
Addressing satellite-related environmental concerns and orbital debris (21:30)
What to watch for in satellite broadband in 2023 (26:48)

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