WEBCAST NOV 16 – ISOC Nigeria Pre-AGM Webinar ‘How to Attract and Engage @Global Internet Fora’

isoc liveOn Wednesday November 16 2022 at 12:00-13:30 WAT (11:00-12:30 UTC) the Internet Society Nigeria Chapter will host a roundtable ‘How to Attract and Engage @Global Internet Fora‘. This is a warm up session for the Chapter’s Virtual Annual General Meeting (vAGM), which will not be streamed.

01 Welcome – Bukola Oronti 
Bukola Oronti, Treasurer, ISOC Nigeria

02 Siranush Vardanyan – ICANN
Siranush Vardanyan, Fellowship Program Manager, ICANN

03 Opening remarks – Caleb Ogundele
Caleb Ogundele, President, ISOC Nigeria

04 Brice Abba – AFRINIC
Brice Abba, Stakeholder Development Manager, AFRINIC

05 Alejandra Prieto – ISOC
Alejandra Prieto, Director of Fellowships, Internet Society

06 Anja Gengo – IGF
Anja Gengo, NRI Initiative Coordinator, UN Internet Governance Forum

07 Sarah Kiden – Mozilla
Sarah Kiden, Research Fellow, VentureESG / former Mozilla fellow

08 Closing remarks
Adebunmi Adeola Akinbo, Vice-President, Chapter Advisory Council, Internet Society
Bukola Oronti, Treasurer, ISOC Nigeria

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