WEBCAST SAT – Bronx Gigabit Center Launch Event

isoc liveOn Saturday June 11 2022 at 2pm-3:30pm EDT (18:00-19:30 UTC) The Knowledge House (TKH) and The Andrew Freedman Home (AFH) will be launching a new Gigabit Center in the Bronx. The center will offer long-term digital literacy and TKH training programs at the AFH. Project partners include The Bronx Community Foundation, CityBridge, Mid-Bronx Senior Citizens Council (MBSCC), The Bronx Digital Equity Coalition, NYC Office of Technology and Innovation, ZenFi Networks, LinkNYC, and the Hugh O’Kane Electric Company. A live webcast will be provided by the Internet Society New York Chapter (ISOC-NY).

Eric Adams, NYC Mayor
Vanessa L. Gibson, Bronx Borough President
Robert Sokota, President, Wireless Division, CityBridge, ZenFi Networks
Walter Puryear, Director, The Andrew Freedman Home
Matt Fraser, Chief Technology Officer, NYC
Jerelyn Rodriguez, Co-founder/CEO, The Knowledge House
Nick Colvin, CEO, CityBridge, Intersection Co.
Dr. Meisha Porter, President/CEO, The Bronx Community Foundation

LIVESTREAM http://livestream.com/internetsociety/gigabitbronx

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