WEBCAST FEB 11: Broadband.money Ask Me Anything! With Vint Cerf

broadband.moneyOn Friday February 11 2022 at 3:30-4:30pm EST (20:30-21:30 UTC) Broadband.money will host ‘Ask Me Anything! With Vint Cerf‘. Vint will share his perspectives on digital inclusion, how state and national broadband leaders should think about confronting digital inclusion challenges in their upcoming $75 billion broadband grant deployment, what really matters in network performance, the potential of Web3, and more. AMA invites broadband industry leaders from all corners to share their knowledge and perspectives with our community of state broadband directors, policymakers, broadband providers and broadband investors.

LIVESTREAM https://youtu.be/8ASo701rQhM

Q&A https://discuss.broadband.money/c/broadband-grant-events/vint


TWITTER #broadband #AMA @broadbandmoney @vgcerf 

ARCHIVE https://archive.org/details/bm-ama-vintcerf