WEBCAST TODAY: 2021 Silicon Harlem Next Gen Tech Virtual Summit – Beyond Connected #BeyondConnected #SiliconHarlem @SiliconHarlem

livestreamOn Friday October 22 2021 Silicon Harlem will hold the 8th Annual Next Gen Tech Conference online. This year’s ‘Virtual Summit’ theme is “Beyond Connected – everyone and Every Thing Connected”.

The summit will explore and envision the future of education, healthcare, workforce, relationships, innovation, transportation and much more.

08:35 Welcome and Introductions
09:00 Fireside Chat – Heather Dowdy, Deaf Kids Code
09:30 Fireside Chat – John Paul Farmer, NYC CTO
10:00 Government supporters
10:15 Fireside Chat – Gregory Russ, NYCHA
11:00 Panel: Ethical Issues in Artificial Intelligence Technologies
12:00 Fireside Chat – Atul Bhatnagar, Cambium Networks
12:15 Award Ceremony
12:30 Pitchfest
13:30 Fireside Chat – Paolo Tiramani, Boxabl
14:00 Fireside Chat – Kelsey Hightower, Google Cloud
15:00 Fireside Chat – Schuyler Williams, NYC Cyber Command
15:30 Fireside Chat – Peter Norton, Autonorama
16:00 Closing Remarks and Top 10 Countdown

LIVESTREAM https://livestream.com/internetsociety/sh2021

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REAL TIME TEXT https://bit.ly/3m4rAxt | https://bit.ly/3vA70bp

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