WEBCAST: NARALO ‘RIR, NRO, ASO, & AFRINIC’ w/ Ron DaSilva @QuantumLoophole #naralo  @isocpr @icann  #RIR #AFRINIC 

NARALO FBOn Monday October 11 2021 at 3pm EDT (19:00 UTC) the North America Regional At-Large Organization (NARALO) presents ‘RIR, NRO, ASO, & AFRINIC’ with speaker Ron DaSilva, VP Operations, Quantum Loophole.


  • A Regional Internet Registry (RIR) is a not-for-profit international organization that deals with the allocation of Internet Protocol (IP) address space (IPv4 and IPv6) and Autonomous System Numbers (ASN).
  • There are 5 RIR that manage these Internet assets around the world: AFRINIC, ARIN, RIPE NCC, APNIC and LACNIC.
  • The Number Resource Organization (NRO) is the coordinated body of the 5 RIR and fulfills the role, responsibilities, and functions of the Address Supporting Organization (ASO).
  • The ASO is a supporting organization affiliated with ICANN that reviews and develops recommendations on Internet Protocol address policy and provides advice to the ICANN Board.
  • Both the RIR and the NRO/ASO work together hand-in-hand.
  • The first part of this presentation will take an in-depth look at these organizations and provide more information on the ways these organizations interact with each other. The audience will be able to contextualize the importance and role these play in the Internet Ecosystem.
  • The second part of the presentation will analyze in depth the crossroads in which AFRINIC (African Network Information Center) finds itself where it is being sued by one of its clients. What effect does this situation have on the services that AFRINIC provides? Can this happen to the other RIRs? What prompted this to happen? Can AFRINIC disappear as an organization?”

The session will be simulcast by the Internet Society Puerto Rico Chapter.

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