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On Monday-Thursday 27-30 September 2021 the 12th Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) will be held as a hybrid event, online and in Kathmandu, Nepal, with the theme ‘Towards an Inclusive, Sustainable and Trusted Internet‘. APrIGF serves as a platform for discussion, exchange and collaboration at a regional level, and also where possible to aggregate national IGF discussions, ultimately advance the Internet governance development in the Asia Pacific region.


ROOM 1 https://livestream.com/internetsociety/aprigf2021
27 SEP
04:00-07:00 01 Capacity Building Program for Fellows and Newcomers vkvg-0ckj-brbu-s9bm-6t7u
07:30-08:30 Towards an innovative IGF 2021

28 SEP
04:00-05:30 Opening Plenary – Covid-19: Internet as a Lifeline
05:50-06:50 S1. Critical Times: Impact of Digitalization on Climate Change
07:50-08:50 S2. Don’t shoot the messenger, intermediary liability principles under threat
09:10-10:00 Townhall session

29 SEP
03:00-04:00 S5. Why open and interoperable Internet infrastructure is key to the Internet’s continued success
04:20-05:20 S4. Decrypting the encryption debate in Asia-Pacific
06:30–07:30 S6. Citizen-Centered Approach on Tackling Hate Speech, Hindering State Authoritarianism and Algorithmic Censorship of Tech Platforms
07:50-08:50 S9. More than wor(l)ds : Can AI effectively monitor online harms
09:10-10:00 Townhall session

30 SEP
03:00-04:00 S7. Internet Rules: Judicial and regulatory developments on digital rights in Asia
04:20-05:20 S12. MANRS for Policy Makers to improve global routing security
06:30–07:30 A workplan for greater online security and safety (DC-ISSS)
07:50-09:20 Closing Plenary – Sail, not Drift: Multistakeholderism and Diversity at APrIGF


ROOM 2 https://livestream.com/internetsociety2/aprigf2021

28 SEP
05:50-06:50 S3. Helping kids learn in times of pandemic
07:50-08:50 Open Conversations on Internet Governance with 2021 Fellows

29 SEP
03:00-04:00 S8. Building digital information literacy skills for trust and well-being
04:20-05:20 S13. Weaponization of surveillance amid a pandemic in Asia Pacific
06:30–07:30 S15. The Impact of the Global Pandemic on Schools on Internet Governance
07:50-08:50 S10. Advancing Internet Freedom in Asia-Pacific via applying UNESCO’s Internet Universality ROAM Principles and Indicators

30 SEP
03:00-04:00 S14. Human rights impact of Covid-19 technologies and the role of businesses
04:20-05:20 S11. Digitally-led, Inclusive Growth in the Age of COVID-19
06:30–07:30 Summary Report by 2021 Fellows


SHOWCASES https://livestream.com/internetsociety3/aprigf2021

28 SEP
06:50-07:40 Showcase 1: Transnational conversations on reclaiming freedom of expression online
29 SEP
05:20–06:10 Showcase 2: Internet’s Technical Success Factors
30 SEP
05:20–06:10 Showcase 3: Is the internet trusted forever? — The issue about the pirate site on “Manga” and freedom of expression in Japan


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