Synchro – NYC/Tokyo online musical collaboration event

A streaming music collaboration between Tokyo and NYC.
Tues Dec 22 2009  (NYC)  / Weds Dec 23 (Tokyo)
Neohachi vs Jeremy Slater (10:30pm, EST)  (12.30pm JST)
Soundworm vs Nick Lesley (11:25pm, EST)   (01.25pm JST)
Chihei Hatakeyama vs Brendon Andergg (12:20am, EST) (02:20pm JST)

with video by Kazuhiro Nakamura (Tokyo) & Tomoyuki Kage (NYC)

NYC location:  Supercore (Bedford @ S3rd, Williamsburg NYC) (map)

Tokyo location: Loopline 日本〒151-0051, 東京都渋谷区千駄ヶ谷1丁目21−6 (map)

If you cannot attend the performance in either NYC or Tokyo, you can listen to the mix stream here:

“Communication with music can reach beyond borders both defined and perceived. Expressing this to its fullest potential is a new interactive & music event called “Synchro.” Making the connections across two sides of the globe are Tokyo and New York. These two meccas of avant-garde and cutting edge technology will provide a base for this new challenge in online collaboration. A new object called Synchrobot will be present to document the event in real-time, adding an element of atmosphere and inter-connectedness for the sake of viewers and performers on both sides. Two graphic artists make different objects based on the same way of thinking. New York’s SUPERCORE and Tokyo live space LOOPLINE will be the launching pad for this truly unique musical vision. We are going to be ONE.”

More info: (facebook event)