WEBCAST: A11yVR – Exploring Virtual Reality User Experience for People with Facial Palsy – Claire Baert & Marg Laing

livestreamOn Thursday July 15 2021 at 19:00 EDT / 23:00 UTC / 08:00 JST (Fri) the Accessibility VR Meetup hosts ‘Exploring Virtual Reality User Experience for People with Facial Palsy‘ on Mozilla Hubs. Claire Baert & Marg Laing will cover learnings about how to do research with people with facial palsy, the challenges of adapting the headset and creating experiences for these users, explain how user research was brought into the product team, show examples of how user-centered design techniques were employed, and discuss their collaboration on a new VR therapy for people with facial palsy.

The session will be webcast live via a partnership with the Internet Society Accessibility SIG (A11ySIG).

LIVESTREAM: https://livestream.com/internetsociety/a11yvr16 (open captions)

PARTICIPATE VIA MOZILLA HUBS: https://www.meetup.com/a11yvr/events/278709922 (open captions)

REAL TIME TEXT: https://www.streamtext.net/player?event=a11yvr

TWITTER: @a11yvr  @Claire_csg @emteqlabs marg_laing #UX #VR #XR

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ARCHIVE https://archive.org/details/a11yvr16