WEBCAST TODAY: Challenges at Layer 8: Network neutrality, the digital divide and spectrum

On Wednesday 2 June 2021 at 15:00 UTC theNetworking Channel hosts a panel ‘Challenges at Layer 8: Network neutrality, the digital divide and spectrum‘. As the internet has become critical infrastructure and indispensable, policy makers in many countries are struggling with the same questions: What should be the regulatory obligations of telecommunications carriers? How can we ensure that rural areas and low-income households have access to the internet? And how can we manage scarce spectrum to enable new services, increase competition and protect vital existing services? While each of these issues is hard, they are also interdependent.

Scott Marcus – Senior Fellow at Bruegel, Belgium
Eric Burger – Professor of Computer Science, Georgetown University, USA
Chris Marsden – Professor of Internet Law, University of Sussex, UK
Sonia Jorge – Executive Director, A4AI, Head of Digital Inclusion, Web Foundation
Paul Brooks – Consulting CTO and Chair of Internet Australia, Australia

Henning Schulzrinne – Julian Clarence Levi Professor of Mathematical Methods and Computer Science and Professor of Electrical Engineering, Columbia University, USA


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