WEBCAST TODAY: Digital Watch Internet Governance Briefing for May 2021

livestreamOn Tuesday May 25 2021 at 2pm CEST (12:00 UTC) ISOC LIVE will simulcast the Digital Watch Internet Governance Briefing for May 2021. Catch up on the major internet governance and digital policy updates from all around the globe and join experts as they analyse the existing and emerging policy trends. Special guest this month is Marc Limon, Executive Director, Universal Rights Group, who will reflect on the implications of Facebook Oversight Board’s decision which reconfirmed former US President Donald Trump’s ban from Facebook. Other main issues this month: The ransomware attacks and the cryptocurrency rollercoaster.

Vladimir Radunovic, DiploFoundation
Stephanie Borg Psaila, DiploFoundation
Katarina Andjelkovic, DiploFoundation
Jovan Kurbalija, DiploFoundation
Andrijana Gavrilovic, DiploFoundation
Marco Lotti, DiploFoundation
Su Sonia Herring, DiploFoundation
Arvin Kamberi, DiploFoundation
Amrita Choudhry
Hanane Boujemi
Grace Mtung’u
Ana Maria Corrêa

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