WEBCAST: Encryption, Cloud, and the GDPR – What Is The Recipe For Survival?

Arnaud Laprévote,On Wednesday March 31 2021, at 10:00-11:00 CEST (08:00-09:00 UTC) Encryption Europe invites experts from Fair&Smart and Lybero to discuss how three crucial components will interact to protect the future of Europe: Encryption, the Cloud, and the GDPR. The future is not as unpredictable as we may think. We know that the future of Europe relies on our capacity to innovate and keep innovation at home. We also know that people and businesses in Europe will care about the privacy and protection of their valuable data. And that cloud providers will play a crucial role in hosting our data at scale and cost-effectively. For all these reasons, we can safely say that our data will be processed in the cloud, under the legal safeguard of the GDPR, and enforced by strong encryption without backdoors. But there will be challenges for all organizations: from a technical point of view, how to handle encryption keys? how to handle backups and restoration? Is it compatible with web applications? And from a legal point of view: will our current processes and practices compatible with GDPR? how to protect data while allowing internal and external controls?

Arnaud Laprêvote, Lybero

Eric Bedell, Franklin Templeton
Xavier Lefevre, CEO – Fair&Smart
Christophe Buschmann, Commissioner – CNPD founder and CEO – Lybero

Jean-Christophe Le Toquin, Coordinator, Encryption Europe

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