Community Network Exchange Asia Pacific 2020 #CNXAPAC2020

livestreamFrom 20 November to 2nd December 2020 the Internet Society in collaboration with the Digital Empowerment Foundation, and other partners, presents Community Network Exchange 2020 (CNX APAC 2020). The 4th annual CNX APAC will have the theme ‘Meaningful access with Community Networks‘ with ten sub-themes that will address various dimensions related to meaningful access with community networks and how local communities can leverage them. Webinars will be held online over 5 days, with 2 sessions per day, plus a final closing roundtable. All webinars will begin at 06:00 UTC

20th November

    • Session 1: Community Network Models & Best Practices

Gustaff Harriman Iskandar, Bandung Center for New Media Arts (Indonesia)
Ritu Srivastava, Chair, IEEE Working Group Grades of service in rural areas
Senthil Kumar M, Founder/CEO, Geomeo Informatics (India)
Peter Bloom, General Coordinator/Founder, Rhizomatica
MODERATOR – Rajnesh Singh, Regional Vice President Asia-Pacific, Internet Society

    • Session 2: Access during the pandemic: Saving Democracy, Citizenship & Education

Talant Sultanov, Chair, Internet Society Kyrgyz Chapter
Svetlana Zens, Senior Programme Associate, Digital Rights, Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business (MCRB)
Ananda Gautam, Program/Policy Officer, Internet Governance Institute (Nepal)
MODERATOR – Osama Manzar, Founder/Director, Digital Empowerment Foundation (India)

23rd November

    • Session 3: Policy & Regulation for Mass Adoption of Community Networks

Carlos Rey-Moreno, Co-Lead Networks Policy and Strategy, Association for Progressive Communications (Spain) / Co-Founder of (South Africa) –
Achia Nila, Founder/CEO, Women in Digital (WIDBD) (Bangladesh)
John Jack, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Vanuatu Government
Teddy Woodhouse, Research Manager for Access and Affordability, , World Wide Web Foundation, UK (United Kingdom)
MODERATORSarah Farooqui, Research and Advocacy Manager, Digital Empowerment Foundation (India)

    • Session 4: Community Networks as a Model to fight Misinformation & Fakenews

Waqas Hassan. President, Internet Society Pakistan Islamabad Chapter
Lisa Garcia, Executive Director, Foundation for Media Alternatives (Philippines)
Heru Tjatur, Web Development Consultant (Indonesia)
MODERATOROsama Manzar, Founder/Director, Digital Empowerment Foundation (India)

26th November

    • Session 5: Gender Sensitive Community Networking

Shalini A, Project Officer, Janastu (India)
Maureen Hilyard, Former Chair, Board of the Pacific Islands Chapter of the Internet Society (PICISOC) (Cook Islands)
Sarbani Belur, Senior Research Scientist, Gram Marg
Yumna Panday, Project Support Coordinator, Zenzeleni Networks (South Africa)

MODERATORAnju Mangal, Asia Regional Coordinator, Alliance for Affordable Internet (Fiji)

    • Session 6: Content, Context and Community for Community Networks

Ramprasad Venkatesha, Programme Manger, BAIF Development Research Foundation (India)
Michael Suantak, Founder, ASORCOM (Myanmar)
Maureen Hernández, Systems Engineer, Universidad de Los Andes (Venezuela)

MODERATORUdita Chaturvedi, Team Lead, Knowledge Communication & Dissemination, Dasra (India)

30th November

    • Session 7: Community Radio & Broadcasting with Community Networks

Laila Ndagire, Developmental Journalist, Producer & Presenter, MAMA FM (Uganda)
Venu Arora, Co-founder & Director, Ideosync Media Combine (India)
Bazlur Rahman, CEO, Bangladesh NGOs Network for radio and Communication

MODERATOROsama Manzar, Founder/Director, Digital Empowerment Foundation (India)

    • Session 8: Training & Cadre Development for Community Networks

John Dada, CEO, Fantsuam Foundation (Nigeria)
Sylvia Cadena, Head of Programs, APNIC Foundation (Australia)
Ritu Srivastava, Chair, IEEE Working Group Grades of service in rural areas

MODERATORNaveed Haq, Regional Infrastructure and Connectivity Director, Internet Society (Pakistan)

2nd December

    • Session 9: Partnerships & Collaborations for Community Networks

Anju Mangal, Asia Regional Coordinator, Alliance for Affordable Internet (Fiji)
Leandro Navarro, Associate professor, Technical University of Catalonia (Spain)
Sarbani Belur, Senior Research Scientist, Spoken Tutorial, IIT Bombay (India)

Jane Coffin, Senior Vice President, Internet Growth Internet Society (USA)

    • Session 10: Connecting Indigenous Communities

Emani Lui, Founder & Director, Makanet (New Zealand)
Nasir Hashmi, Community Network Implementor
Mark Buell, Regional Vice President – North America, Internet Society

Maureen Hilyard, Development Consultant & Founder, The Cook Islands Internet Action group (CIIAG) (Cook Islands)

    • 4th December – Roundtable Summit

Onno W. Purbo, Indonesia’s Internet Liberator Indonesia)
Atsuko Okuda, Regional Director, Asia and the Pacific, ITU
Mahabir Pun, Founder, Nepal Wireless networking Project & National Innovation Centre (Nepal)
Mary Grace Mirandilla-Santos, Independent ICT Policy Researcher (Philippines)
Osama Manzar, Founder/Director, Digital Empowerment Foundation (India)

Rajnesh Singh
, Regional Vice President – Asia Pacific, Internet Society




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