WEBCAST TODAY – Do we need a new generation of internet standards? “New IP” and global Internet governance #newip @IGPAlert w/ @SullivanISOC #newip

livestreamToday Wednesday September 23 2020 at 11:00 EDT (15:00 UTC) the Internet Governance Project hosts a discussion ‘Do we need a new generation of internet standards? “New IP” and global Internet governance‘. For nearly two years, technologists at Huawei have been urging the IETF and the ITU to embark on a research program that would explore a complete redesign of the Internetworking protocols of the 1980s. They contend that the current architecture and protocols may not be keeping up with the dramatic changes in information and communication technology. Others are pushing back against that initiative. Is it time for a more sweeping change in the standards defining data communication? Is such a change even possible, given the inertia surrounding the world’s convergence on IP? What are we gaining or losing by continuing to rely on the classic Internet protocols?

Richard Li, Chief Scientist, Vice-President of Network Technologies. Futurewei Technologies, Inc. USA
Andrew Sullivan, CEO and President, Internet Society

Milton L. Mueller, Internet Governance Project

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