INET London: Internet Society launches ‘Future Internet Scenarios’ campaign @InternetSociety

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29 September 2010, LONDON – The Internet Society urged Internet users around the world to become active participants in the effort to guarantee that the Internet remains an open and transparent platform for communication and innovation.

At its INET conference on the impact of the Internet revolution on business in London today, the Internet Society warned all users that they would ignore future Internet opportunities, threats and challenges at their peril. To illustrate the potential for a future Internet that is very different than the one we use today, Internet Society launched four scenarios that highlight contrasting paths along which the Internet could develop based on economic, political and social forces emerging today.

Of the four Internet scenarios, the Internet Society advocates The Common Pool, in which the Internet continues to be built on open technologies and processes, fostering permission-less innovation, economic growth, and social development.

The Internet Society said it is up to users to act now to ensure that the future development of the Internet takes a direction that is in the best interests of everyone.

“We all have to engage urgently as big decisions are currently being made on the future of the Internet that will have a direct impact on our business and social lives. Complacency over such vital issues as net neutrality, security, privacy and IPv6 is simply not an option,” said Frederic Donck, director of the Internet Society’s European Regional Bureau.

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