WEBCAST TODAY: Ideas for A11y Programs in XR Tech Companies w/ Bill Curtis-Davidson @A11yVR @AllySIG @BCurtisDavidson #XRAccess #XR #a11y

livestreamOn Thursday June 18 2020 at 7pm EDT (23:00 UTC) the Accessibility VR Meetup hosts ‘Ideas for A11y Programs in XR Tech Companies‘ on Mozilla Hubs. Various community-driven efforts are actively working to define accessibility user requirements, practices, and guidance for XR technologies and experiences. Presenter Bill Curtis-Davidson will outline how XR technology companies can engage with these efforts and put in place accessibility programs to help make sure their products, content, and experiences are usable by the broadest number of users. The session will be webcast live via a partnership with the Internet Society Accessibility SIG (A11ySIG).

LIVESTREAM: https://livestream.com/internetsociety/a11yvr5 (open captions)

PARTICIPATE: https://hubs.mozilla.com/G6edX79/a11yvr-project/ (open captions)

REAL TIME TEXT: https://www.streamtext.net/player?event=a11yvr

TWITTER: @a11yvr #XRAccess @BCurtisDavidson

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