WEBCAST TODAY: NYC Virtual Town Hall: Bridging the Digital Divide during COVID-19 @GaleABrewer @SiliconHarlem @ManhattanCB11 @BetaNYC @ColumbiaSSW #COVID19 @NeighborsHub #DigitalDivide #digitalinclusion #digitalequity

livestreamOn Wednesday April 29 2020 at 6;30pm EDT (22:30 UTC) Columbia University Neighbours hosts ‘Virtual Town Hall: Bridging the Digital Divide during COVID-19‘. Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer will be joined by Clayton Banks, Co-Founder and CEO of Silicon Harlem; Noel Hidalgo, Executive Director of BetaNYC; Nilsa Orama, Chair of Manhattan Community Board 11; and Desmond Patton, Assoc. Prof. of Social Work and Assoc. Dean of Curriculum Innovation and Academic Affairs; Columbia University School of Social Work, to discuss technology disparities and possible solutions that increase access, expand outreach, and best equip communities for future disasters.

LIVESTREAM: http://livestream.com/internetsociety/nycvirtualtownhall

YOUTUBE: https://youtu.be/Ysf3PBsU3rA

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