WEBCAST TODAY: Internet DURING Shut-Down: Do we need ‘more’ Internet? @ISOCChennai w/ @SullivanISOC @jane_coffin @ShivaIndia @InternetSociety

livestreamOn Thursday March 26 2020 at 7pm IST (13:30 UTC) the Internet Society India Chennai Chapter will host an online discussion ‘Internet DURING a shut-down: Do we need ‘more’ Internet?‘. “More Internet” here implies an approach that is on the other end of the tendency to lock down, i.e. a greater willingness to keep more of the people of the world more connected. Participants will include Jane Coffin, the Senior Vice President of Internet Growth, Internet Society, and Andrew Sullivan, CEO and President, Internet Society. Moderator: Sivasubramanian Muthusamy, President, ISOC Chennai.

LIVESTREAM: http://livestream.com/internetsociety/moreinternet

PARTICIPATE: https://bit.ly/3bmOo3d

TWITTER: #moreinternet @isocchennai