12 Streams 2019 #12 – Internet Society 2020 Action Plan

Today, Monday January 6 2020, at 7pm EST (00:00 UTC) in the 12th and last installment of the Internet Society Livestreaming‘s ‘12 Days of Streams‘ annual highlights, we feature the Internet Society 2020 Action Plan Special Community Forum on December 11 2019. Presenters: Andrew Sullivan, President & CEO; Rinalia Abdul Rahim, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Implementation; Joseph Lorenzo Hall, Senior Vice President, Strong Internet; Jane Coffin, Senior Advisor to the CEO, Connectivity & Infrastructure; were followed by a Q&A moderated by Joyce Dogniez, Vice President Community Engagement and Development. Finally, the winners of the 2019 Chapterthon were announced.

The 2020 Action Plan defines three strategic goals: Build, Promote, and Defend. These are further broken down into eight projects:
1. Building community networks.
2. Fostering infrastructure and technical communities.
3. Measuring the Internet.
4. Promoting the Internet way of networking.
5. Securing global routing.
6. Extending encryption.
7. Increasing Time Security.
8. Leading by example with open standards and protocols.

VIEW ON LIVESTREAM: https://livestream.com/internetsociety/2020actionplan

SLIDES: https://isoc.live/isoc/2019-12-11_ISOC_2020_Action_Plan.pdf

VIEW ON YOUTUBE: https://youtu.be/NxmObUQtUoQ

TWITTER: #2020actionplan