12 Streams 2019 #9 – 2019 Internet Hall of Fame Inductees

livestreamToday, Friday January 3 2020, at 7pm EST (00:00 UTC) in the 9th installment of the Internet Society Livestreaming‘s ‘12 Days of Streams‘ annual highlights, we feature the acceptance speeches of the eleven 2019 Internet Hall of Fame inductees from the award ceremony, held on 27 September, 2019 in San Jose, Costa Rica. They are Adiel Akplogan, Kimberly Claffy, Douglas Comer, Elise Gerich, Larry Irving, Dan Lynch, Jean Armour Polly, Jose Soriano, Michael Stanton, Klaas Wierenga, and Suguru Yamaguchi, who was represented by his son Rui Takita and ISOC Trustee Hiroshi Esaki.

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ORIGINAL STREAM: https://livestream.com/internetsociety/ihof2019

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