WEBCAST TODAY: IGF 2019 Debrief Roundtable #igf2019 #igfdebrief @isocdc @US_Diplo @igfusa

LivestreamOn Wednesday December 2 2019, at 4:30pm ET (21:30 UTC), the Internet Society Washington DC Chapter, DiploUS, and IGF-USA will host a roundtable to follow up on the 2019 Internet Governance Forum. From 25 to 29 November 2019 over 3,600 people gathered in Berlin to move the dialogue forward on some of the most pressing issues and questions facing the Internet, focusing on 3 main themes: Digital Inclusion; Data Governance; and Security, Safety, Stability, and Resilience. In addition, a major topic was “IGF Plus,” which has been proposed as a way to strengthen the current IGF structure to address the perceived shortcomings of the forum, such as a lack of actionable outcomes, or limited participation by governments and the private sector. Remote participation will be available via Zoom, as well as Livestream.

LIVESTREAM: http://livestream.com/internetsociety/igfdebrief

ZOOM: https://zoom.us/j/784700379

TWITTER: #igf2019 #igfdebrief @isocdc @US_Diplo @igfusa