WEBCAST THU/FRI: #NetHui 2019 in Wellington NZ @InternetNZ

livestreamToday and tomorrow, Thursday/Friday 3-4 October the NetHui 2019 takes place in Wellington, New Zealand. This annual forum is organized by InternetNZ, an organizational member of the Internet Society, and operator of the .nz registry. The theme for NetHui 2019 is ‘Safety, inclusion and wellbeing on the open Internet‘. Keynote speakers include Jillian York of the EFF, and New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern. A captioned livestream is available, including all breakout sessions.

LIVESTREAM: https://2019.nethui.nz/livestream/

PROGRAM: https://2019.nethui.nz/programme/ (UTC +13:45)

TWITTER: #nethui https://priv.sh/PQdKuTj