WEBCAST TODAY: State of the Net 2019 in Washington DC @sotn #SOTN19 sponsored by @ISOC_NA

livestreamToday, Tuesday January 29 2019 the  Internet Education Foundation (IEF) will host the 2019 State of the Net Conference at the Newseum in Washington DC. As the 116th Congress kicks off, some 300 congressional staff and other policymakers will attend America’s premier Internet policy conference. Topic list: Commercial Privacy; Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms; Internet Policy on the Campaign Trail; Future of Work; The Internet Governance Cold War; Content Expression on the Internet Commons; Telecom and the Balance of Power; and more. Thanks to sponsorship from the Internet Society North America Bureau the entire three track event will be available via webcast on ISOC.LIVE.

WHAT: 2019 State of the Net Conference
WHERE: Newseum, Washington DC
WHEN: Tuesday January 29 2019 9am-5pm EST | 14:00-22:00 UTC
AGENDA: http://www.stateofthenet.org/sotn-19/agenda/
WEBCAST: http://isoc.live/sotn2019
TWITTER: #SOTN19 http://bit.ly/SOTN19