WEBCAST TODAY: Swiss Internet Governance Forum 2018 #SwissIGF18 @ISOCSwitzerland

livestreamToday, Tuesday November 20 2018, the 2018 Swiss Internet Governance Forum is convened in Bern. The Swiss IGF brings together all stakeholder groups from politics, state administration, business, the scientific community and civil society in Switzerland in order to exchange ideas in an open, equitable and interactive dialogue on the hot topics of digitization – e.g. cybersecurity, the data economy, fake news, artificial intelligence, human rights online and net neutrality. The plenary sessions will be webcast live via the Internet Society Livestream Channel. Sessions are conducted in the three languages German, French and English. Interpretation will not be available on the livestream.

WEBCAST – https://livestream.com/internetsociety/swissigf18/
AGENDA – https://www.igf.swiss/pdf/detail_programm_swissIGF_EN.pdf
TWITTER – #SwissIGF18 http://bit.ly/swissigf18
FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/SwissIGF