WEBCAST TODAY: COMO III: Content Moderation and the Future of Online Speech @StJohnsLaw

livestreamToday, Thursday October 25 2018, the St John’s Law School hosts COMO III: Content Moderation & The Future Of Online Speech in NYC. This conference, following earlier sessions in Santa Clara and Washington DC, This conference explores how online platforms create policy to moderate and remove user content posted on their sites, how they operationalize those policies, and how these policies affect the culture of online speech for individuals and new media. Panels will include policy representatives from top platforms, former moderators speaking to the history of how content moderation policies were created, simulation exercises for the audience, and a keynote panel on content moderation and free speech with Ben Smith (Editor-in-Chief of Buzzfeed) and Josh Marshall (Founder, Editor, and Publisher of Talking Points Memo) moderated by Jack Balkin (Professor of Law at Yale Law School). The event will be webcast live via the Internet Society Livestream Channel.

View on Livestream: https://livestream.com/internetsociety/como3
Agenda: http://www.stjohnslawiplc.org/events/comoiii
Twitter: #COMO3 http://bit.ly/2ytQFIX