WEBCAST TODAY: Connecting Rural Communities – enhancing broadband, skills & applications @ISOCUKEngland @andrewjstirling #switchiton #shapetomorrow #ruralconnectivity

livestreamToday, Monday May 18 2020, at 14:00 UTC (3pm BST) the Internet Society Livestream Channel will webcast a recording of the Internet Society UK England webinar ‘Connecting Rural Communities – enhancing broadband, skills & applications‘ held on April 16 2020. The webinar, organized in collaboration with community hub the Digital Blacksmith, explored how broadband is advancing in rural areas and the opportunities this creates for improving local economies and social connectivity. Presenter Andrew Stirling is the UK Chapter’s selected candidate to follow the Internet Society’s Online Course: Building Wireless Community Networks.

LIVESTREAM https://livestream.com/internetsociety/ruralconnectivity

TRANSCRIPT https://bit.ly/3bG04ho

TWITTER: @ISOCUKEngland + #ruralconnectivity