WEBCASTS TODAY: #GlobalEncryption Coalition webinar series – Health, Encryption & #COVID19: Keeping people and countries safer online @InternetSociety @CenDemTech @GlobalPartnersD

livestreamToday, Thursday 14 May 2020, the Internet Society, Center for Democracy and Technology, and Global Partners Digital are hosting a free webinar series ‘Health, Encryption & #COVID19: Keeping people and countries safer online‘  to celebrate the launch of the Global Encryption Coalition. Across the day this global series of 5 webinars will explore how encryption is a critical tool helping people and countries navigate the global COVID-19 health crisis. Participation will be via zoom plus a live webcast. Closed captions will be available on zoom, open captions on the webcast.

LIVESTREAM: http://livestream.com/internetsociety/globalencryption

FACEBOOK SIMULCAST: https://www.facebook.com/pg/InternetSociety/videos/

SCHEDULE: https://www.internetsociety.org/events/health-encryption-covid-19/

6:00-07:00 UTC – #apac
Encryption after COVID-19: What’s Coming Up in Asia-Pacific?

12:30-14:00 UTC – #europe
Online Trust and COVID-19: What’s Next for Encryption in Europe?

16:00-17:30 UTC – #5eyes
Five-Eyes, Encryption & COVID-19: What’s Changed and What’s Next?

18:00-19:15 UTC – #canada
Government Backdoor Access Proposals that Threaten Canadian Health and Security Online

21:00-22:45 UTC – #lac
Cifrado y COVID-19 en ALC: lecciones para la protección de datos, la confianza en la economía digital y la protección de la infraestructura de Internet
https://isoc.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJUsfuiqpjwvH9wm2Cu4oh1ynVnZeNNTji5f *

  • English + Spanish. You will have to select language within zoom.

REAL TIME TEXT: http://streamtext.net/player?event=CFI-ISOC (English, all sessions)
http://streamtext.net/player?event=CFI-ISOC-ES (Spanish, LAC session only)

TWITTER: #GlobalEncryption (+ regions noted above)