Report: Russia passing USA in #fiber

Dave Burstein in Fast Net News – Russia Passing U.S. In “Fiber” – reports that Russia is on the cusp of passing the USA in terms of percentage of residences reached, either directly by fiber, or by some fiber+LAN system.

He says:

All in the name. Korea’s #1 in penetration if 100 megabits on copper from fiber to the basement is “fiber.” Japan is #1 if only fiber all the way to the apartment is considered. The U.S. is far behind in either case, with the larger countries of Europe – except Russia – even further behind. Nearly 60% of Korean homes subscribe to one or the other and over 40% of Japanese. So do 27% of Lithuanians.
Yes, Lithuania leads Europe. They, the Russians and other Eastern Europeans generally deliver broadband by fiber to the basement and copper to the apartment, Speeds are often 100 megabits; Russia often is near the top in average Internet speeds.
“Fiber” in the U.S. only reaches 8% of homes. The vast majority of U.S. fiber lines are Verizon, which has essentially stopped building. Russia is at the same level, expanding rapidly. China is only at 4%, although they are expanding at a rate of 10M a quarter.

and then includes the following graphs, from iDate and the Fiber to the Home Council:

iDate European Fiber report

2011 Euro FTTH

Checking the iDate site shows a Feb 15 2012 post reporting a 38% growth in Europe in the last year. Another post from a couple of days earlier reports that FTTX user base worldwide stood at 112.6 million in mid-2011, and will rise to 198 million by 2015, distributed as follows:

FTTx market 2011