WEBCAST TODAY: Digital Watch Internet Governance Briefing for June 2021 #thegip @GenevaGIP

YouTubeOn Tuesday June 29 2021 at 12:00 UTC the Geneva Internet Platform presents its Digital Watch Internet Governance Briefing for June 2021. Catch up on the major internet governance and digital policy updates from all around the globe and join experts as they analyse the existing and emerging policy trends. The June Briefing will provide a round-up of policy updates, analysed by our experts, including: The Biden-Putin summit in Geneva, which signalled the start of a consultation process on cybersecurity; The G7 Summit, NATO Summit, and the EU-US Summit, all of which discussed digital policy, including frontier technologies, taxation, ransomware, e-trade, and data flows; The second cyber OEWG’s organisational session; plus the usual roundup of forthcoming events and regional reports.

Vladimir Radunovic, Diplo
Stephanie Borg Psaila, Diplo
Katarina Andjelkovic, Diplo
Jovan Kurbalija, Diplo
Andrijana Gavrilovic, Diplo
Marco Lotti, Diplo
Amrita Choudhry, APAC
Hanane Boujemi, MENA
Grace Mtung’u, Africa
Ana Maria Corrêa, LAC

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