WEBCAST TODAY: The Role of Technical Standards in Enabling the Future

livestreamToday, Monday 14 June 2021 at 3pm PST (22:00 UTC) the San Francisco Bay Area Internet Society Chapter hosts a tech policy webinar. ‘The Role of Technical Standards in Enabling the Future‘. The history of civilization from hunter-gatherer, agrarian, city states, manufacturing, information age, to the internet age may be identified by the successions of technical references/standards that are developed—symbols, measurements, plans, similarity, compatibility, and adaptability. Each new succession results in a paradigm change, enabling increased value creation: bartering, counting and measuring, building, manufacturing, networks, and openness. Standards successions offer an evolutionary technology model, showing why and how market control occurs and where new value is created. By extension this evolutionary model also suggests ideas for the future.

Ken Krechmer, Isologist, University of Colorado

MODERATOR  Jessica Dickinson Goodman, President, SF Bay Area ISOC

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